We are a community of learners committed to fostering achievement and well-being. The core of all we do at R L D is public excellence because everyone deserves the best future.

To see the delight in learning is our goal. The use of team-teaching techniques, cross-curricular themes, and the child-centered approach is all in favor of this.

Secrets of RLD Public School

Learning cycle

The learning and teaching methodology at R L D Public School is similar from grade 1 to grade 8, introducing new topics and instructional methods gradually while building on a strong base of abilities and knowledge.

Open and subject-specific learning environments

Along with open learning spaces, students advance by taking subject-specific courses in special classrooms for music, home economics, science, art, and crafts.

Interdisciplinary learning and group instruction

R L D Public School’s approach emphasises collaborative teaching, with instructors from many subject areas working together to develop and carry out comprehensive units that tie together disparate disciplines for pupils.


For pupils who need more learning support, RLD Public School offers support classes, assistant instructors, and SEN support. The support requirements of every student are assessed individually, and the arrangements are adaptable.

Study Guidance

At RLD Public School, we support students in taking bold steps toward their futures. We offer personalised study advice as a result, paying attention to the wants and needs of each student.

Individual timetables

At R L D Public School, timetables are tailored to each student’s interests and strengths, with core subjects studied together and in smaller, individualized groups.